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Recipes Make Baked Brownies Practical

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Recipe Making Practical Bake Brownies – After we discussed the recipe for a delicious and practical rolls, then on this occasion, the typical recipe team will try to serve another cake recipe and it is no less delicious: Recipe Making Practical Bake Brownies Practical. As for ingredients and how to make brownies bake as follows:

Ingredients to Make Brownies:
120 grams of wheat flour
3 eggs, whipped until fluffy
200 grams of dark cooking chocolate, which has been cut before
200 grams of margarine
1/4 teaspoon salt
150 grams of sugar
60 grams pieces of almonds / walnuts
How To Make Baked Brownies

The first step, heat margarine until melted. Then put the chocolate and salt pieces and stir until the chocolate melts. After melting, remove and cool.
The second step, shake the egg with a mixer until it looks fluffy. Then, put sugar and wheat flour little by little while stirring with spatula until evenly distributed.
Step three, pour margarine, brown sugar and chocolate that has been melted into the egg dough. Then stir until evenly distributed. After that add the chunks of almonds / walnuts. Then stir again until blended.
Next, pour the dough into a pan that has been lined with bread paper and smeared with margarine, then spread it out.
Finally, sprinkle top with slices of almond nuts, after which roast in the oven with a heat of 170 degrees Celsius approximately 45 minutes. After that lift and baked brownies made your cake ready to serve.

Thus the Recipe Makes the Practical Bake Brownies that we can serve for you. If you like with our cake recipe, do not forget to see also recipes we have made before: Recipes Make Bolu Roll Practical and Recipe Making Strawberry Cheese Cake Delicious.

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Recipes Make Baked Brownies Practical


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